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UC Teaching Week 2016


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Teaching Awards Ceremony

10:30AM - 12:30PM, Undercroft 101, Puaka James Hight

Opening of Teaching Week by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Rod Carr.

Presentations of this year’s UC teaching awards and teaching innovation award, with a chance to hear more from the winners about their teaching philosophies.  

Teaching Showcase

Looking for new ideas for your teaching? Come to a series of brief presentations by UC teachers describing their teaching approaches and see what ideas you might adapt for your classes.

Chaired by Dr Andrew Bainbridge- Smith, Head, Academic Services

  • Associate Professor Billy O'Steen, Director, UC Community Engagement Hub - Examples and Ideas: A conversation about integrating the "engaged with the community" attribute of the new UC Graduate Profile into your courses and programmes

    Please bring some course learning outcomes to this session

  • Ruth Ramsay, Communications Disorders - Paediatric Picky Eaters versus Problem Feeders: The SOS Approach
  • Dr Erik Brogt, Academic Services Group - Teaching in the New Forestry Lectorial Space
  • Dr Eileen Britt, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology - Assessing Practicum Competencies
  • Dr Erik Brogt, Academic Services Group - how to incorporate global awareness in the curriculum
  • Invisible Disabilities and Postsecondary Education - video presentation recommended by Disability Resource Service

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

An opportunity to explore cultural assumptions underpinning our teaching and introducing teaching strategies to create a more inclusive classroom.

  • Dr Erik Brogt, Academic Developer
  • Dr Abby Suszko, Office of the AVC Māori
  • Dr Liz Brown,Office of the AVC Māori

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Engineering Teaching Innovation Prize

This session is open to all to attend, but only staff from the College of Engineering can compete. A series of short presentations on teaching innovations will be given by staff, culminating in an award for the best session. Topics this year include:

  • improving the cross-subject integration of knowledge in intermediate year engineering students;
  • the teaching of ethics to engineering students;
  • planning and designing a forest road in response to a real-world road access problem;
  • The Voyage of the Beagle.  A results-driven approach to improving student learning via lecture evolution

  • E-Week  -  a blatant attempt to influence young and able minds
  • How effective and efficient is graduated discussion in our new lectorial teaching space?

Common Issues with Student Assessment

An opportunity to hear some background on common student issues with assessment based on research carried out at UC. Pick up some strategies you can use to help minimise those issues.

  • Dr Erik Brogt, Academic Developer

Strategies to Strengthen Student Engagement through Collaboration and Mentoring

In this session Dr Masayoshi Ogino (Japanese) and Dr Kevin Watson (Linguistics) will talk about different strategies for peer-to-peer mentoring in courses and in research, and how the mentoring experience can be integrated into assessment tasks. They will also talk about how electronic platforms (Learn and Facebook) can be used effectively to build cohorts both in classes and among postgraduate students working independently.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Embedding Employability in our Classes

This session looks at how to increase our students’ employability by examining both how and what we teach. It is a chance for academics to hear and learn about ways to ensure that their courses are providing opportunities for students to learn skills and knowledge that will enable them to be more employable. During the session academics will be able to hear firsthand from employers what they are looking for when they interview our graduates and, once they have hired our graduates, what areas our students excel in and what areas could be improved.  The session will be interactive and with a panel of five employers who will give their perspective and answer your questions.

  • Dr Ross James, Dean of Commerce
  • Dr Rachel Wright, Operations Director, UC Centre for Entrepreneurship

Engaging Large Classes

A chance to hear teaching strategies and background on creating an interactive and learner-centred environment in a high-enrolment course.

  • Dr Erik Brogt, Academic Developer

Universal Design for Inclusion and Belonging

This session investigates the issues around teaching students with diverse needs with a focus on inclusion, how to incorporate universal design in the curriculum and create a sense of belonging. The session will be interactive and will include short presentations on a series of inclusive approaches at UC. Please bring your own device to the session, preferably no smaller than a tablet.

  • Professor Gail Gillon, PVC Education, Health and Human Development
  • Professor Missy Morton, Head of School of Educational Studies and Leadership
  • Dr Annie Guerin, School of Educational Studies and Leadership

You may also wish to see this Powerpoint presentation (9.34MB) and JAWS audio file (2.54MB, MPEG) from Disabilites Resource Service. Other short resources follow: Authoring Universally Designed Word Documents (PDF, 46KB), Universal Design for Learning Guidelines (PDF, 159KB), Universal Design for Learning, Theory and Practice (PDF, 34KB)

Friday, 10 June 2016

Developing Practical Strategies for Blended Learning

Echo Link: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/ce4db7ab-051a-411f-9bc3-f5c1d67662d1
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/ce4db7ab-051a-411f-9bc3-f5c1d67662d1/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/ce4db7ab-051a-411f-9bc3-f5c1d67662d1/media.mp3

Echo Link: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/a06a79c0-62f9-4d35-a11a-50f1d6d09616
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/a06a79c0-62f9-4d35-a11a-50f1d6d09616/media.m4v

Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/a06a79c0-62f9-4d35-a11a-50f1d6d09616/media.mp3

Come and see how colleagues are developing their blended learning practices. Presenters will share their experiences and practical strategies for implementing technologies to support learning.

Introduced by Nick Ford, Team Leader, Electronic Learning Support

  • Introduction to the UC e-learning blog - Pinelopi Zaka, Flexible Learning Advisor
  • Using video for content knowledge in language education - Dr Rachel Payne, Senior lecturer in Japanese
  • The adventure of exploring flipped classroom concepts and how this practical innovation in learning reinforced building learning communities in cyberspace - Professor Angus McIntosh, Biological Sciences
  • Using Turnitin's rubric and feedback functionality for grading assignments - Dr Kelly Dombroski, Geography
  • Polling and student engagement; a reflection on voting and polls in the classroom - Kim Rutter, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • How settings in Learn can allow students to work at their own pace whilst ensuring they engage with the course materials and complete tasks in the intended order - Associate Professor Una Cunningham, Teacher Education
  • Designing a Learn course for mobile learners/devices - Andrew Sepie, Sociology
  • Using video capture for learning and teaching - Associate Professor Philippa Martin, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Writing Skills for Foresters - Dr David Evison, Forestry

Spotlight on Teaching – Canterbury and beyond

Echo link: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/12a5d682-1466-45f4-85a7-73a827ae5fc2
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/12a5d682-1466-45f4-85a7-73a827ae5fc2/media.m4v

Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/12a5d682-1466-45f4-85a7-73a827ae5fc2/media.mp3


Echo Link: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/15ec0deb-475f-42ad-9e43-8da483f527f3
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/15ec0deb-475f-42ad-9e43-8da483f527f3/media.m4v

Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/15ec0deb-475f-42ad-9e43-8da483f527f3/media.mp3


Ako Aotearoa Academic of Teaching Tertiary Excellence and the Ako Aotearoa Southern Hub in association with UC are holding a regional symposium celebrating the importance of teaching quality, through sharing ideas, methods and techniques to provide the best possible educational outcomes for all learners. Full programme and further information is available at Southern Hub Ako Spotlight 2016.

Programme highlights include:

  • Using Peer review as a learning tool - Associate Professor Suzanne Pitama, University of Otago and winner of the Prime Minister's Supreme Award for Tertiary Teaching, 2015
  • Change Strategies to Enhance Pasifika Student Success at Canterbury Tertiary Institutions - Sam Uta'i, Ara Institute
  • Using experiential learning to maximise success in undergraduate students: a case study from field ecology research - Dr Timothy Curran, Lincoln University
  • Mrs Hampton's sewing machine - using real world context to improve student success - Sascha Mueller, UC School of Law
  • Supporting student learning - a Learning Advisor's perspective - Kristen Bracey, Academic Support, University of Otago

All Staff are warmly invited to workshops in Teaching Week. Colleagues from across all colleges will provide illustrations of effective teaching strategies, followed by a chance to ask questions to enable you to adapt their practices to your own needs. Each workshop will have a series of short presentations followed by informal conversations. Booking is not required.

For further information about teaching resources on campus, please contact:

  • Academic Services Group - for evidence-based academic development support, guidance and direction to staff to enable them to achieve high standards of teaching and facilitating student learning;
  • E-learning Group - for help using Learn and other teaching technologies, for capture, creation and design of learning support objects and tools through to high volume reproduction of academic content;
  • UC Libraries - for comprehensive relevant print and digital collections to meet teaching and research needs, for networked access to a range of digital information services and for a range of effective information literacy training opportunities;
  • Māori Development Team, Pacific Development Team - for help with best learning and teaching practices for Māori and Pacific students;
  • Disability Resource Service - for help with assisting disabled students.
  • Learning and Development- for academic staff professional development opportunities

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