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UC Teaching Week 2017


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Teaching Awards Ceremony

10AM - 11AM, Undercroft 101, Puaka James Hight

Opening of Teaching Week by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Rod Carr.

Presentations of this year’s UC teaching awards with a chance to hear more from the winners about their teaching philosophies.  

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/d579c765-2f20-4664-bc7a-39b1b87023b5
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/d579c765-2f20-4664-bc7a-39b1b87023b5/media.m4vPodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/d579c765-2f20-4664-bc7a-39b1b87023b5/media.mp3

Teaching Showcase

11.30AM-1PM, Undercroft 101, Puaka James Hight

Looking for new ideas for your teaching? Come to a series of brief presentations by UC teachers describing their teaching approaches and see what ideas you might adapt for your classes.

Chaired by Dr Andrew Bainbridge-Smith, Academic Registrar

  • Vera Leier, Language, Social and Political Sciences -

    my Instagram: A study of the use of Instagram in a German language classroom

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/7cf3b3d2-0eb2-48bd-a22f-af8935c85ce3
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/7cf3b3d2-0eb2-48bd-a22f-af8935c85ce3/media.m4vPodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/7cf3b3d2-0eb2-48bd-a22f-af8935c85ce3/media.mp3

  • Gaye Tyler-Merrick, Health Sciences and Jessica Maclean– He waka eke noa: the development of culturally responsive content for a new PG endorsement in Positive Behaviours Support  

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/145efe7d-b970-4e54-8b7e-527b48394f59
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/145efe7d-b970-4e54-8b7e-527b48394f59/media.m4v Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/145efe7d-b970-4e54-8b7e-527b48394f59/media.mp3 

  • Lia de Vocht, Teacher Education – Supporting student teachers to learn about and apply Pedagogical Documentation in assessment practice

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/4b6f6349-1bfa-419e-b26d-b2b43fee3542
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/4b6f6349-1bfa-419e-b26d-b2b43fee3542/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/4b6f6349-1bfa-419e-b26d-b2b43fee3542/media.mp3

  • Professor Richard Light, Sport and Physical Education - The influence of innovative pedagogy on sport coaching students’ beliefs and practice

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/0f1544dc-d748-43c3-9809-a7c91d7ea806
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/0f1544dc-d748-43c3-9809-a7c91d7ea806/media.m4v Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/0f1544dc-d748-43c3-9809-a7c91d7ea806/media.mp3

Making changes for students in collaboration with Ako Aotearoa

1PM-3.30PM, Undercroft 101, Puaka James Hight

Ako Aotearoa supports projects that aim to provide the best possible outcomes for tertiary learners. In this session, UC colleagues will showcase some of their Ako projects. We invite participants to share their ideas for their own projects. Ako Aotearoa staff will be on hand to help transform your ideas into a proposal for a project that may be supported by Ako Aotearoa's Regional Hub Project Fund. 

UC speakers will include:

  • Associate Professor Lynne Taylor/Professor Ursula Cheer – Law

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/8cade3f1-b84b-4a5f-8bee-ec8f245fe5e0
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/8cade3f1-b84b-4a5f-8bee-ec8f245fe5e0/media.m4v Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/8cade3f1-b84b-4a5f-8bee-ec8f245fe5e0/media.mp3

  • Associate Professor Ben Kennedy - Geological Sciences

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/ad3af7ee-ebd3-4f23-b7f2-b296887216fd
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/ad3af7ee-ebd3-4f23-b7f2-b296887216fd/media.m4v Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/ad3af7ee-ebd3-4f23-b7f2-b296887216fd/media.mp3

  • Associate Professor Tom Wilson, Geological Sciences

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/c73b8121-e477-464d-8917-60a6eb223c7c
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/c73b8121-e477-464d-8917-60a6eb223c7c/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/c73b8121-e477-464d-8917-60a6eb223c7c/media.mp3

  • Dr Sarah Masters, Chemistry

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/c485cd09-5351-42b4-bb86-46ee09f8d9a3
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/c485cd09-5351-42b4-bb86-46ee09f8d9a3/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/c485cd09-5351-42b4-bb86-46ee09f8d9a3/media.mp3

  • Professor Tanja Mitrovic, Computer Science and Software Engineering

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/9732461f-f802-49e4-86ff-e00ecbd119d6
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/9732461f-f802-49e4-86ff-e00ecbd119d6/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/9732461f-f802-49e4-86ff-e00ecbd119d6/media.mp3

  • Pauline Luafutu-Simpson, Acting Director, Pasifika

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/a1fadeab-88d5-4110-88f2-91c056daf4d0
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/a1fadeab-88d5-4110-88f2-91c056daf4d0/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/a1fadeab-88d5-4110-88f2-91c056daf4d0/media.mp3

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Developing Practical Strategies for Technology-Enabled Learning

10AM-11.30AM, Undercroft 101, Puaka James Hight

Introduced by Nick Ford, Team Leader, Electronic Learning Support

Come and see colleagues sharing their technology enhanced teaching practices intended to enable student engagement and promote student success. Sessions will include:

  • Rachel Martin, School of Teacher Education – Students’ use of multimedia collaboration tools

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/8a8e1525-4329-41b2-a4f2-5a390a609692
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/8a8e1525-4329-41b2-a4f2-5a390a609692/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/8a8e1525-4329-41b2-a4f2-5a390a609692/media.mp3

  • Greg Armfield, Executive Development Programme – A self-paced online course for academic preparation

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/d13067e1-b716-4e04-ac3c-614e505c02df
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/d13067e1-b716-4e04-ac3c-614e505c02df/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/d13067e1-b716-4e04-ac3c-614e505c02df/media.mp3

  • Fiona Dalzell, Philosophy – Using video for learning and assessment

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/2f2f4ab6-c76c-4d5b-8b17-3b3776a72f74
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/2f2f4ab6-c76c-4d5b-8b17-3b3776a72f74/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/2f2f4ab6-c76c-4d5b-8b17-3b3776a72f74/media.mp3

  • Rhonda Powell, Law - Encouraging student engagement and authentic learning in Gender and the Law 

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/5d71473b-0209-4780-978c-ce86fb18ddb3
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/5d71473b-0209-4780-978c-ce86fb18ddb3/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/5d71473b-0209-4780-978c-ce86fb18ddb3/media.mp3


Postgraduate Supervision

12PM-1.30PM, Undercroft 101, Puaka James Hight

An opportunity to hear about successful postgraduate supervision, possible pitfalls and best practice from UC academic practitioners. Come and hear about issues such as;

-Vetting potential research students

-How to deal with under-performing students

-Turnitin requirements

-Financial support for students

-Examination procedures

-Changes to PhD regulations

Chaired by Professor Bryce Williamson

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/998fea0a-d397-496a-a253-fdd95e0b2e2c
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/998fea0a-d397-496a-a253-fdd95e0b2e2c/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/998fea0a-d397-496a-a253-fdd95e0b2e2c/media.mp3

Engineering Teaching Innovation Prize

12.30PM-2PM, the Drawing Office, Engineering Core

This session is open to all to attend, but only staff from the College of Engineering can compete. A series of short presentations on teaching innovations will be given by staff, culminating in an award for the best session.

12.30-12.40 Tim Sullivan (Civil Engineering): Rethinking seismic performance objectives
12.45-12.55 Tom Cochrane (Civil Engineering): Preparing engineers for digital video communication
13.30-13.10 Matthew Watson (Chemical and Process Engineering): Hands on activity using the CAPE distillation column where students learn how to construct piping and instrumentation diagrams
13.15-13.25 Ken Morison (Chemical and Process Engineering): Identifying teaching content that’s out of date and replacing it with modern computational tools
13.30-13.40 Chris Pretty (Mechanical Engineering): The redesigned ENME313 laboratories using Arduino microcontrollers better prepare students for the capstone Mechanical Engineering final year projects (via Skype)

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

2.30PM-4PM, Seminar Room 210, Puaka James Hight

Session led by Liz Brown, Kaiārahi Matua, Office of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Māori)

This session will give staff a taste of the work being undertaken in support of UC's Bicultural Competence and Confidence goals of the Graduate Profile.  It aims to equip academic staff members with the knowledge to embed culturally responsive pedagogy in their teaching.

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/cad84031-2af6-46d0-ab7c-2d5c43f8dd59
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/cad84031-2af6-46d0-ab7c-2d5c43f8dd59/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/cad84031-2af6-46d0-ab7c-2d5c43f8dd59/media.mp3

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Embedding the Graduate Attributes: Goals, Strategies and Different Perspectives

10AM- 11.30AM Undercroft 101, Puaka James Hight and 1-3PM

This full day workshop on the Graduate Profile aims to provide all those who teach and support teaching insights into embedding the Graduate Attributes into your courses and programmes and making it meaningful for the students. Topics to be covered will include:

  • Overview of the Graduate Profile: What is in it for me and my students?
  • Assurance of Learning :How do I know my students are learning what I think they are? How do I measure it? Writing learning outcomes and learning goals that are meaningful.
  • Tools and tips for embedding the attributes into my courses and programmes – a showcase and sharing of ideas and practices that weave the attributes into programmes and courses.

The morning session will be about sharing practice. This will include a talk by the Dean of Commerce, Dr Ross James on learning outcomes as well as examples from across programmes and Colleges on how others are embedding the attributes into their courses. The afternoon will be a workshop forum where we will discuss ways of making the profile meaningful for your students and meaningful for your course or programme. Feel free to bring along your course outlines and work directly with hub leaders and peers to understand the relevance of the graduate profile for you.

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/f3605700-8aaf-43d3-8a3b-1628f8ed1419
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/f3605700-8aaf-43d3-8a3b-1628f8ed1419/media.m4vPodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/f3605700-8aaf-43d3-8a3b-1628f8ed1419/media.mp3

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/45414a62-2fe4-461a-80d6-43020ad66fc3
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/45414a62-2fe4-461a-80d6-43020ad66fc3/media.m4vPodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/45414a62-2fe4-461a-80d6-43020ad66fc3/media.mp3

Learning and Teaching Strategy Workshop

NOON-1PM Undercroft 101, Puaka James Hight

Chaired by Dr A Bainbridge-Smith, Academic Registrar

Your chance to give us your ideas on how to shape the next Learning and Teaching Strategy for UC – what do you think teaching will look like in 2, 5 and 10 years’ time? What will our future learners look like? How should our future pedagogy, learning environment and curricula reflect these factors?

KiwiNet presents a Commercialisation 101 Workshop

10AM-4PM Kirkwood KA04

Learn about the principles of technology transfer, and how it can align with ongoing research and teaching priorities. Get tips on how to strengthen your grant proposals and increase the value proposition of your research. In those ‘Eureka!’ moments, what comes next? who is there to help? How the world can be rewarded by access to your innovations, and how you can too.

Registration: tech-jumpstart@canterbury.ac.nz

Friday, 9 June 2017

Blue Skies Workshop

10AM-2PM - Engineering Core


Come and see demonstrations of a range of technologies and teaching practices that will fire your imagination. From the truly ‘blue skies’ that will challenge and excite the leading technologists to some of the less bleeding edge technologies that are already in use at UC, but which you may not have experienced yourself before. There will be a variety of technology on display for you to experiment with including 3D printers, myo bands (wearable tech controller), Dash and Dot programmable robots, Holo lens (virtual/augmented reality smartglasses).

Drop in sessions will include:

10am – 10.30am    A live demonstration of distance teaching by Professor Charley Fleischmann, Engineering, from Poland, linking to lab resources at UC - Core Atrium   

10.35am-11am Large drone session - come and see how these devices are being used in teaching and research at UC, grassed area on Creyke Road (weather dependent).

11.10 – 11.40am E-learning Team sessions in the Drawing Office:    

  • A practical demonstration of Learning analytics: what you can find out about your student's activities on Learn

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/6ec2c2de-aafb-4f8c-aad4-a7bf84731a5b
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/6ec2c2de-aafb-4f8c-aad4-a7bf84731a5b/media.m4v
Podcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/6ec2c2de-aafb-4f8c-aad4-a7bf84731a5b/media.mp3


  • Adaptive Learning - see how you can use technology to individualise learning to suit your student's needs

Rich Media Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/9cc80c4c-e2a7-4fbf-b6c8-f04c3496a93d
Vodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/9cc80c4c-e2a7-4fbf-b6c8-f04c3496a93d/media.m4vPodcast Playback: https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/9cc80c4c-e2a7-4fbf-b6c8-f04c3496a93d/media.mp3

Online Assessment

11.45 – 12.30am    Keynote presentation: Professor Denise Kirkpatrick, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) University of Western Sydney on blended learning and new teaching spaces - E6 lecture theatre

Rich media  https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/ffd6ac5d-fff2-474a-b689-bf2b65f8e52f
Podcast playback & download https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/ffd6ac5d-fff2-474a-b689-bf2b65f8e52f/media.mp3
Vodcast playback & download https://lecture.canterbury.ac.nz/ess/echo/presentation/ffd6ac5d-fff2-474a-b689-bf2b65f8e52f/media.m4v

1pm – 1.30pm       University of Sunshine Coast: live demonstration of Visualisation Suite, one of only four in the world, costing $48 million

1.35pm - 1.55 Wireless connectivity/group session, come with a device and see how you can interact with others around you, Drawing Office

To be in to win an Apple tv, just collect stamps along the way as you visit the stands and go into a lucky draw. Ts and cs apply.

All Staff are warmly invited to workshops in Teaching Week. Colleagues from across all colleges will provide illustrations of effective teaching strategies, followed by a chance to ask questions to enable you to adapt their practices to your own needs. Each workshop will have a series of short presentations followed by informal conversations. Booking is not required.

For further information about teaching resources on campus, please contact:

  • Academic Services Group - for evidence-based academic development support, guidance and direction to staff to enable them to achieve high standards of teaching and facilitating student learning;
  • E-learning Group - for help using Learn and other teaching technologies, for capture, creation and design of learning support objects and tools through to high volume reproduction of academic content;
  • UC Libraries - for comprehensive relevant print and digital collections to meet teaching and research needs, for networked access to a range of digital information services and for a range of effective information literacy training opportunities;
  • Māori Development Team, Pacific Development Team - for help with best learning and teaching practices for Māori and Pacific students;
  • Disability Resource Service - for help with assisting disabled students.
  • Learning and Development- for academic staff professional development opportunities

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