Policies - Learning and Teaching - University of Canterbury - New Zealand


The Learning and Teaching Committee has produced policy documents and reports some of which are available here. A new Learning and Teaching Plan is currently under development.

Teaching and Course Surveys Policy, Procedures and Guidelines - This policy sets out the requirements for staff to carry out teaching and course surveys to ensure that feedback is regularly available on courses and staff teaching.

Further information about surveys is available from the Academic Services Group webpage on SET.

Teaching feedback is returned to the individual teacher, and may be used for promotion purposes.

Research shows the importance of closing the loop by informing students of the results of their evaluations. The Guidelines on Feedback to Course Evaluations (PDF, 209KB) gives suggestions on how feedback may be provided to different types of comments.

The Research-Teaching Link at Canterbury (PDF,445KB)

This report investigates the research-teaching link at Canterbury University.
It has five main objectives:

  1. to outline the University’s obligations and commitments to research-teaching links;
  2. to discuss the mechanisms by which policy can be monitored;
  3. to discuss current practice that fosters the research-teaching link;
  4. to discuss constraints in the maintenance of research-teaching links;
  5. to suggest mechanisms that could strengthen research-teaching links.