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Being a Student at UC

Students at the university are part of an academic community that values its international reputation for scholarship and which identifies with the past and present achievements of its members.

Successful university students enter into their studies with an enquiring attitude. Students value opportunities to interact with recognised scholars, to develop as self-directed learners, and to gain sound knowledge as a base for their future endeavours.

In their academic studies students:

Participate in a community of learners where they:

  • respect the interests of peers
  • communicate interests and needs
  • use opportunities to comment on teaching and courses.

Exhibit commitment through:

  • striving to fulfil academic potential
  • disciplined study
  • critical reflection on process.

Value intellectual challenges by:

  • adopting a critical approach to knowledge
  • interacting with new ideas
  • using feedback to advance understanding.

Take opportunities by:

  • exercising intellectual curiosity
  • choosing course options to match academic interests
  • seeking advice to build a coherent course of study.

Seek a foundation for the future by:

  • setting goals
  • developing personal skills in the university setting
  • becoming self-directed learner