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Being a teacher at UC

University teachers are active in scholarship through their involvement in research, their awareness of contemporary developments in their disciplines, and their desire to support and encourage students in academic endeavours. The engagement of teachers and learners within a disciplinary context is the basis for maintaining practical linkages between teaching, learning, and research.

Effective teachers value their teaching roles, seek to build relationships with students, encourage learning, foster the development of scholarship and design teaching to meet the learning needs of their students.

In these endeavours teachers:

Demonstrate commitment by

  • modelling self-directed enquiry and enthusiasm for the discipline
  • seeking understanding about teaching and learning in the university
  • communicating high expectations to students
  • using feedback from students to develop teaching
  • critically reflecting on teaching practices

Build relationships by

  • facilitating contact with students, individually and as groups
  • respecting and responding to differing backgrounds and to cultural diversity
  • seeking to build trust and mutual respect with and between students
  • working with colleagues in the development of teaching and learning

Encourage learning by

  • posing questions of significance
  • arranging learning activities to enhance the involvement of students
  • building an environment that welcomes conceptual changes
  • acknowledging student endeavours and achievement
  • promoting cooperation and the exchange of ideas

Align teaching so that

  • teaching practice, learning activities and assessment methods match learning objectives
  • individual learning needs are considered

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